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Yellow Group + run Sun 14th Jan

This is an 'easy run' of approx 6 miles/10K. No one will be left behind. Open to anyone prepared to run at 10:30-11 mins mile.

Suggestion is to around the Greenway via Highfield, Golf Course, Purwell, Willian and then back via footpaths passing St Christophers.

Meet at Spirella 9am.

Several of the regular Sunday group are doing the XC this week, but even if there are just 2 of you....

Please post if you are going to run.

Re: Yellow Group + run Sun 14th Jan

Hi is anyone up for this? I am?

Re: Yellow Group + run Sun 14th Jan

Sorry Dervla, I was going to go out tomorrow but not feeling too good today. Can't commit as don't know how I will feel.