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Message for Claire O'Sullivan

Hi Claire - just wondering how your injury is after Sunday? Hope you are recovering and it isn't too serious - let us know how you are getting on.

Re: Message for Claire O'Sullivan

Hi Linda,

Thanks for your concern about my calf injury. Thankfully it's nothing too serious, just a minor tearing of some of the muscle fibres as opposed to a complete tear so counting my blessings it wasn't a lot worse. It was heartbreaking I had to stop running, so close with the finish line in sight. I'd been loving the excitement of the course up until that point and having got so far I was determined to continue and limp my way across the finish line. Thanks to everyone who checked I was okay as they went past me! It was only my second cross country race, but they were so much fun, it hasn't put me off going back next year for more!

Luckily I happened to have a pre-booked appointment last night, with Nicky Tracey and she did a fantastic job of relieving some of the discomfort and tightness in my calf with some very gentle massage and taping. I'm able to put my full weight on it and get about at least, slowly but carefully.

I expect I won't be running for a little while until it feels strong enough, but trying to stay positive and intend to use the time wisely to work on some injury prevention!

Just looking forward to getting back to training/racing with you all. Hoping to be back in time for the Baldock Beast :smiley:

Re: Message for Claire O'Sullivan

Glad to hear it wasn't too serious, but do take care while you're recovering! Glad that Nicky was able to help - it's good that you got it looked at so promptly.

If you enjoyed the xc, there's the County Vets one in Royston at the end of March which you might like to try :smiley:

Re: Message for Claire O'Sullivan

so sad to see you get injured on Sunday.
You were running well, just overtaken me and I saw it happen. I sadly was very selfish and carried on, I should have given you a fireman's carry to the finish line.
Get well soon and look forward to seeing you back running.

Re: Message for Claire O'Sullivan

That's bad news Claire I did think your position was rather low in the results.
Glad its not to serious and hopefully see you back running soon.