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Training Tuesday 30th Jan & Thursday 1st February

Tuesday's session for blue group is a 7 x 3mins fartlek with 2mins of easier running between each effort. If you are looking for a certain mileage for your marathon training you could always run the extra miles afterwards as a longer warm down. Thursday's session is 2-3 x Dunhams hills 'up and overs'.

On Tuesday purple group will be walking to the Cowslip Hill entrance to the Common and then jogging to Grange Rd via Hawthorn Hill. The session from Grange Rd roundabout is a ladder of 3 minutes out, 90s of recovery and then 3 minutes back followed by 4 mins out, 90s recovery and 4 mins back and finishing with 3mins out,90s recovery and 3 mins back. This is 20 mins of running altogether. if you coming back from injury or illness you can always shorten the session by just doing the 3 and 4 min efforts and finishing before the last 3mins out and back. On Thursday purples have a continuous run of 30 - 40 mins depending on fitness and experience.

Tuesday's training for yellows is 6 x Wheat Hill reps with 2mins recovery. On Thursday yellow group have a ladder running on the left hand side of Icknield Way starting opposite Weldability. The session is 2 x 5/4/3/2/ minutes with 60s recovery.

Also on Thursday there will be a 1 mile walk option as part of our #Runandtalk evening to highlight the benefits of exercise and being outdoors to promote good mental health and well-being. Tea, coffee and cake will be available after training on Thursday.

Paul will post green group training:)

There will not be a track session on Saturday as it is the First Saturday of the Month on Norton Common. We do hope that all members will come along to support our event by marshalling, running or cheering!

Re: Training Tuesday 30th Jan & Thursday 1st February

And not forgetting the marathon runners as Thursday's session is a 6-8M marathon pace run with 1M warm up and 1M warm down.

Re: Training Tuesday 30th Jan & Thursday 1st February

Greenies, tonight's session is a Meet and Retreat session. Venue tba.

Thursday we are off on a fartlek session on the BalDock Tesco loop. Efforts are 5,5,4,4,3,3,2,2 with 2 mins recovery between efforts