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FSOM - Thank you

Dear All,

A really big thanks to everyone who came and helped, ran and cheered today. A grim wet and muddy day but we still got 87 runners who all seemed to have a great time.

Thank you.


Re: FSOM - Thank you

Really would love to have been there today. Hope there was somone at the top of the hill to encourage the runners....sounds like you had perfect running conditions!
Will be back on the job next month...

Re: FSOM - Thank you

Cold, muddy, drizzling with rain..... but it was still great fun.
Wouldn't be anywhere else on the first Saturday at 9am.
Thank you all so much for being there for us runners.

Re: FSOM - Thank you

I enjoyed this today as I like the mud. Seems to be something odd going on as I know I had ticket 50 when I came in but Jon Hunt was placed as 50 and he wasn't even there. I definitely have my barcode as just checked it and it has my name on it. Spooky!!

Re: FSOM - Thank you

Just looked at last month when I ran too and came in just ahead of my friend to find that again I was Jon Hunt, Jon has broken rib and wasn't there. Anyway, I got a minute faster.

Re: FSOM - Thank you

Hi Sheena, tomorrow I will look into the depths of the database and hope I'll be able to sort it out.

Re: FSOM - Thank you

Somehow, maybe at a trial run you were given A00055 which is allocated to Jon Hunt.

Should be:

Sheena Cook A00126

Sheena, next time please return A00055 and we'll give you A00126.

Will correct results for this month and ask Lindsay to correct last month too.


Re: FSOM - Thank you

Thanks Brian oddly enough it has A00055 under the barcode but A000126 beside the barcode.
Jon and I have worked on our similarities today but it was a bit like you say tomato and I say tomatoh . He has milk in his coffee, likes cake and loves gadgets. I like pork scratchings, horses and getting muddy.

Re: FSOM - Thank you

I suggest this means you are one and the same person.

Has anyone ever seen Sheena and Jon Hunt in the same room together .... ? :joy: