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Race result: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park First Saturday of the Month 10km.

John Rayner and myself travelled into Stratford, east London to the Olympic stadium to run their First Saturday of the Month 10k.

We were looking for a 10k that was on a Saturday as part of the marathon plan, whilst leaving Sunday free for long run still.

Sadly this obviously clashes with the fantastic First Saturday of the Month 5k. :cry: But marathon training is all about sacrifice.

John R finished 5th in 35:24 which is a PB by 1 second! Moving in the right direction. He also won 2 free tickets for the Otbital for finishing in the first 5.
I finished 6th in 35:54. 8 seconds over my PB. Sadly no free tickets for me, but I was 11th with 2km to go. I was very happy to give the guys in front of me a lesson in finishing strongly, including a great sprint finish. I’m really pleased to be close to PB in a full week of marathon training. Hopefully this will add some confidence to the upcoming weeks on the road the London Marathon.

We were both feeling tired in the warm up. Probably due to the training plan so far and partly due to the 7am start... but quickly focused on the task.

Warming up I decided to show John some of the Kenyan drills we learnt last week. Unaware that other people were also watching me. I did the forward-side-forward-kick drill seamlessly changing legs between reps. I’d been practicing a bit and John said it looked good. But some woman was in awe! She said, wow, you must be good! What time are you aiming for!? :flushed: We decided that we need to nail this drill in synchronous to use in the Midweek league. This should put the frighteners on the oppositition before we get going :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I did also speak to a lady who came up to me and said I run the mid week league with you. She runs with Edmonton Runners. Our Midweek league success obviously made an impression.

We made some other buddies too, and warmed down with a guy from Fulham - it was a really friendly atmosphere and a decent race at the front as well as many slightly slower runners, 329 Runners in total.

Afterwards we went for eggs benedict at Cafe Concerto in the Westfield Centre. I could easily have gone for a full English, but John convinced me that poached eggs was the athlete in trainings choice. :yum: it was great, and well worth the effort. But we did look a bit odd. Like we’d just come from the Olympic stadium in fact. I think they were pleased to see/smell the back of us when we left.

I could never recommend this race over the First Saturday of the Month 5k round Norton Common, but it’s a great event as well. :+1:

18 miles on the schedule for tomorrow - no rest for the wicked.

Re: Race result: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park First Saturday of the Month 10km.

Great write up John. Instead of eggs I would have gone for a full English but times have changed. Judging by the way things are going I’m sure you will smash your London’s Marathon PB. Keep up the training lad!!!