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Graffham on Saturday anyone?

A few of us are going up to Graffham water on Saturday morning to run 1 or 2 laps or something in between around the lake. That's anything from 9-18 miles.. The plan is to finish by around 10.30 for tea/ bacon butties in the cafe.

The more the merrier, and any speed is welcome. We can run in groups of similar speeds. If you are interested please post below or chat on Thursday and we can arrange car shares.


Re: Graffham on Saturday anyone?

I will be running 2 laps.
So I plan to get there early to meet you on lap 2. I know you want to round it to 10 miles for SORE league points. I will manage my 9 miles in that same time, I hope??

Adam, you coming?

Re: Graffham on Saturday anyone?

this is the post code of the car park with the cycle rentals. PE28 0BH
I will do my early loop starting at 7.45 then meet you to run your loop.

Caroline will hopefully give you your start/meet times.
Bring cash/change for the car park machine.

Then tea and bacon rolls in café afterwards

Re: Graffham on Saturday anyone?

I was supposed to be doing a 10k on Sunday, but I'm going to have to drop out as I'm not well enough to race a hilly 10k. Was tempted by this but it probably wouldn't be very sensible for the above reason .... :face_with_thermometer:

Re: Graffham on Saturday anyone?

Unless Caroline says any different, your start time was 9am

Re: Graffham on Saturday anyone?

I'll be there. See you tomorrow at 9.

Re: Graffham on Saturday anyone?

Yep. We'll be there's just before hopefully Dave, ready for 9:00 run. Laura is arriving at 8:45 to do 14. What could go wrong? :)

Next time Linda, hope you feel better .

Re: Graffham on Saturday anyone?

Hi all
I am here in the car park. My number is 07538 241060.

Hopefully find you soon