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Results, please

I am writing this weekend's newspaper report. Please post your results, triumphs and adventures. Photos very welcome - to

Thank you!

Re: Results, please

Looks like everyone has been either clocking up the marathon training miles or resting ahead of next weekend's National XC Champs / Baldock Beast double-header.

Fortunately I have a great story to report with David Annetts' race-walking success and I see Darren Sunter knocked a whole second off the Letchworth Parkrun course record. Nice work, gentlemen!

Did anyone else do anything I should mention? I'll be sending the report to the Comet at lunchtime on Monday...

Re: Results, please

Hi James

Thanks for the report last week - but one correction -

The race was the combined Southern Counties Vets and Vets AC indoor 3000m Championship walk.

I won the race but I was only eligible for the Vets AC title. (my regional Masters club...)



Re: Results, please

Thanks, for the correction, Dave - and my apologies for the error. I'll amend the copy on the website.

Congratulations again on a great result!

Re: Results, please

Briefly. I ran Malta marathon in 4.36mins
Vincent p 1hr32
Adam 1hr59min58 seconds
Ashley 2hrs20mins
We will be back Wednesday morning.
Sorry so brief but we have medals and t shirts for running in the heat. Sorry about back home temperature