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Training Tuesday 20th & Thursday 22nd February

On Tuesday we will be running a club handicap 5km. I will provide everyone with a start time so that you should all finish at approximately the same time. If you are returning from injury or would like a shorter route there is an option to run a 1/2 lap.

Thursday's session for blue and green group will be 2-3 x Bedford Rd bumps off 90s recovery. Yellows have a 7 x 3mins fartlek with 2mins loop back recovery whilst purples have an easy recovery run of 20-30 minutes.

No coached track Saturday as we are going to the National XC Champs but if any of the regulars want to go over please pay Tessa your £2.

Re: Training Tuesday 20th & Thursday 22nd February

I'll be going to track on Saturday (at the normal time) :raising_hand: probably doing 6-8 x 800m if anyone wants to join.

Re: Training Tuesday 20th & Thursday 22nd February

How does the handicap system work? I’ve had to miss training tonight as we have an inspection coming up at school so burning the midnight oil!


Re: Training Tuesday 20th & Thursday 22nd February

We had nearly 50 runners out tonight so basically everyone gave me the time they thought they would run and starting from a scratch of 36 minutes off they flew! If you expected to run 21 minutes you would therefore start 15 minutes after the 1st runner. Idea is that everyone should cross the line at the same time but thankfully that did not happen:) Good luck with Ofsted!

Re: Training Tuesday 20th & Thursday 22nd February

Ho! Thanks, Tuesday night was brilliant :). Can I ask you please, on track, do I need special trainers? If so, What type? Im clueless :). I don't think I'll make it this week because I have a long run to do but for next time:)

Re: Training Tuesday 20th & Thursday 22nd February

Angeliki, you don’t need anything special for the track. If you have a faster pair of shoes, maybe that you wear for speedwork then it’s best to wear those.

For instance, I have fully cushioned shoes for my long easy runs, but then I have lighter, less cushioned shoes for speedwork. And even lighter less cushioned shoes for racing various distances.

Depending on how I’m approaching the session I will either wear the speedwork shoes, or the race shoes.

Quite often too, we will warm up in cushioned shoes, change into fast shoes for drills and the session before changing back into cushioned shoes for the warm down. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Having said all that, you don’t need to wear any different shoes to normal. Wear the shoes you wear to the club sessions.

Hope this helps.

Re: Training Tuesday 20th & Thursday 22nd February

Thank you John 😊. I only have my ling distance shoes so for now I'll stick yo those. I might get some lighter ones when I get paid 😉