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Race Results 25/02

Please post any race results before 8pm.

Got the Parkruns, got the National XC, Got Baldock.

If anybody wants to post some quotes, please do so...

Can anybody help me out with the trophies at Baldock?

I have,
Men’s team (Jim, John, Darren, Olly)
Women’s team (Astrid, Paula, Sarah)
3rd in the race, Jim
3rd lady, Astrid
1st FV35, Paula
3rd FV35, Sarah
1st ?? FV55, Lucy O

Is this correct? Have I missed anything? Apologies if not correct or missed somebody...

Re: Race Results 25/02

Hayley/shani Brighton half 3 hours 6 minutes :yum:

Re: Race Results 25/02

Hayley- Oh yes! Of course. Thanks for the reminder.

Re: Race Results 25/02

Fabulous result Hayley & Shani, congratulations!

Re: Race Results 25/02

My time today of 2hrs 24mins ?seconds means that I now have the Club Record for FV70

Sorry Monica!

Re: Race Results 25/02

Hi John,

The trophies are correct. Well done everyone.


Re: Race Results 25/02

Dear All,

Please use the link to see your times for today. I have just received the link. It will be going on the website soonest.

Re: Race Results 25/02

There are stacks of Baldock Beast photos on our Flickr site now - mostly from Karen and some from me. Enjoy!