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Training Tues 27th Feb & Thurs 1st March

Providing weather conditions permit Tuesday's session for purple group is 8 x 400m with 60s recovery at St Francis. On Thursday purples have a fartlek of 4 x 6mins with 2mins easier running to loop back and regroup.

Yellow group session is 4 x 1200m on the South View side of the Broadway on Tuesday and a fartlek of 2/3/4/5/4/3/2mins with 2 mins easier running between efforts to
loop back.

Green group have 10 x 600m with 90s recovery from the Toyota Garage on Icknield Way on Tuesday and blue group session is 7 x 800m at Sainsburys also with 90s recovery. Thursday's marathon session is 8-10 miles at marathon pace or a fartlek of 2/3/4/5/4/3/2 mins for both groups. Karen and Peter will not be at training on Thursday as we have tickets for the World Indoor Champs in Birmingham. However, we look forward to seeing a record turn out at the First Saturday of the Month 5km on Saturday which is the March club Run of the Month. You will get a point for running or helping. If it's too cold or icy to run on Tuesday evening but suitable for turning out Pete and I would be happy to host an informal question and answer session in the reception area. Happy to answer queries about training, nutrition, races to target, kit, minimising injuries, strength and conditioning etc. We don't pretend to be experts on everything but we do have years of experience between us!!

Re: Training Tues 27th Feb & Thurs 1st March

Hi :)
Is there training tonight?

Re: Training Tues 27th Feb & Thurs 1st March

Hi Angeliki,
There will definitely be people there. if we find its too slippery for a session we might go for a more careful recovery run instead.
Not sure what the roads/pavements in Letchworth are like at the moment

Re: Training Tues 27th Feb & Thurs 1st March

Well done to all who turned out last night in the cold! :snowflake:

Special thanks to the coaches for standing out in it. :hugging_face:

Re: Training Tues 27th Feb & Thurs 1st March

I can't believe how many of you turned up last night - I think your are all completely bonkers! At least no-one appeared to be wearing shorts though - unlike someone I drove past on my way...