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Awards Night nominations

Hello all
I have just sent all members the following email. Please make sure it isn't in your spam folder!! If you don't get the email, please drop me a line to confirm I hold the correct email address.



Dear Club Member,

The North Herts Road Runners’ Awards Evening is fast approaching and during the evening we will be presenting our club Trophies and Awards.

Two of these are decided upon by the members of our club; the ‘101%’ Award and the ‘Personality of the Year’ Award.

The Personality of the Year Award is for someone in our club who you consider has made a positive impression on you during the year. It could be the person who always says hello and welcomes you to the club, you may feel that someone is a great ambassador for the club, or perhaps they encourage you when you are racing or in a training session. It is a completely open vote and is always chosen by all club members who wish to vote. Please include a few words, if you can, to explain why you have picked that person.

The 101% Award was kindly donated by Billy Crone to be awarded to someone who you feel has put in 101% in some way during the year. Again this vote is open to all club members, whether you are attending the Awards Evening or not.

Please send your 2 nominations to me at by Thursday 8th March. All votes will be treated with strictest confidence.

Many Thanks,

Re: Awards Night nominations

Hi Phil - I sent an email about this a couple of days ago, but I've had a couple of error messages saying there was a problem trying to deliver it. Can you let me know if you've received it please?

Re: Awards Night nominations

Mine was in my junk folder - bizzar x

Re: Awards Night nominations

Linda I'll check tonight


Re: Awards Night nominations

Phil - it seems to have been permanently rejected, so I have tried re-sending it today. Please let me know if you don't receive it and I'll print it out and hand it to you in person!! :laughing:

Re: Awards Night nominations

Hi Phil

Hopefully you received mine ok.


Re: Awards Night nominations

Ian, I don't have an email from you. Please can you try resending to