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Race results

Please post here if anyone managed a race for this week's press report. have FSOM and will see if there were any parkruns.

Re: Race results

Went down to the inaugural Big Half in London today. It was touch and go as to whether it would be cancelled but luckily the beast from the east went home and the race was on. Suitable levels of cheering and excitement rose when Mo set out to beat Callum and the announcer kept us informed as they continued to smash through the miles. I managed to catch up with John, Lindsay and Darren on the train and also saw them on the way round flying the NHRR colours. I completed in 1hr 42 and it was the first half race I have run so happy with that. A great event and I would recommend to all for next year.


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Sophie Thrussell did the Cambridge half today, 1:38:58. Thank you

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I finished in 2:25...struggled a bit with an ache knee and foot near the end but kept going with an average mile time of 10:59...really enjoyed it, nice to see everyone including Darren and John on the highway...oh and sir mo too!

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Big Half - 1.15.04 - I might be happy with it in a few days. I did meet Mo before the race, didn’t seem too impressed with me talking to him and probably wonered why I was warming up with the Elites - John Auld was having a poo at this point! 😁

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Well done David and Darren (agonising!)...and great timing John!

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Cambridge HM results:

Matthew Sayers 1:17:16
Sophie Thrussell 1:38:58
Chris Poole 1:40:12
Sarah Mitcherson 1:41:27

Matt & Chris PBs - Well done everyone who raced today


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Cambridge 1/2 1:17:16 (PB)
I was not looking forward to this after spending last week in 29 degree Singapore (poor me). Plan was to arrive back early Friday morning but flight was cancelled. Managed to get on the next flight. 14 hours flight, 8 time zones and 3 hours in the car to get back to Hitchin Friday evening. FSOM in the snow helped blast away cobwebs and acclimatise to the UK weather. My plan was to run between 1:20 and 1:23 but once the hooter went I thought time to get to work and see how far my legs would take me at 6 minutes per mile. Thankfully they lasted the distance. Really pleased and surprised to take 2 minutes off the PB I set in St Neots in November.

Fast, flat course and well organised. Bit pricey and the start / finish area was a bit muddy. Big event with 9,000 runner but good support around the course, particularly on the last couple of miles through Cambridge city centre.

Big thanks to everyone at NHRR - next stop Rotterdam on 8 April - 5 weeks to go - eek!

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The Big Half, 76:40 for me. PB by 84seconds.

I saw Mo too, and Charlotte Purdew, Ali Dixon, Lilly Partridge, and Callum Hawkins. We warmed up with them :hugging_face:

Me and Darren managed to get through the front of the gate and warm up down the course. Nobody stopped us, but when we got back they were stopping people. They were doing laps of the pen...

The weather was quite pleasant in the end. But as a moment of genius in the week before I came up with the plan of wearing ladies tights before hand. As the race is point to point, the badge claim closes and set off for the finish Leaving 45mins wearing only race kit - so contemplating the weather I thought of the idea. It’s pure genius! I’ll defo use it again. It keeps the legs warm before hand, then you just rip them off and ditch them in the start pen. I’d cut out the toes, and rolled the foot back to ankle, so didn’t have to take my shoes off to get them off. Feel free to use this one, although it’s patent pending...

I was planning on getting the sub 78 that I narrowly missed last year, I gave myself a chance at PB by going through 5k in 17:30 and I went through 10k just over 36 - then it was a question of holding on. The second half was tough. I’d realised I was going to do it, so wasn’t too concerned with pace, but then it dawned on me that I was going to be close to sub 77, which is the target I set for this years HM. Towards the end a bunch from behind me passed me and I thought I was in trouble, but I dug deep and pushed on again. I passed them all again and suddenly was in the last 2 miles. Knowing I would be good in the last Mile I had one Mile that I struggled through and then I started pushing. I set my sight on somebody to beat and used them to push on. Seeing the clock at the end, I really put the hammer down and sailed under 77, also destroying my last effort target. Mission accomplished! I’m really pleased. Although I’ve made my task of PB at GRN harder that I’d like now. Felt good throughout the race, although I suspect there’s a few photos of me looking like I’m not enjoying it as much as I actually did. A few of them caught me off guard and in the zone.

I was able to get my head up and look at some of the sights too. When I did London I have pictures of me running past some sights that I never saw! Although there were quite a few cobbles on route, which I found quite un pleasant. I think they were keen on finishing at the cutty Salk, so had to add some detours in round cobbled streets.

Saw both David and Lindsay on loop back to tower bridge, which was a great boost. The crowds were great too.

Recommend the event, it was great. :+1:

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well done all of you! fantastic performances!!

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Big Half marathon on Sunday. New PB 2:12:56. One very happy runner 🏃🏻‍♀️

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Sorry that I sent the press report last night so missed this result. I'll ask Babs to update the version on our website though Jen.

Congratulations on the result!