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Team GB coach at NHRR on 22 March

Rob Hill is a Consultant Osteopath for British Athletics and he will be visiting NHRR on Thu the 22 March.

The plan is that he will be with blue/green for drills and start of the session first, then with yellow/purple for end of session and cool down. This is an opportunity for the coaches to learn with Rob what to look out for in the movement of their athletes and what exercises my be beneficial to improve perfomance. For both athletes and coaches he will describe the physiological reasons behind a warm up and warm down to the coaches and runners and why it is necessary based on current literature.

Plenty of time for questions form coaches and athletes also.

Afterwards there will be a presentation of the key exercises EVERY runners should do and why, he will explain a bit about the difference between power and strength exercises and also about how to keep your tendon healthy.

The coaches will adjust the training so that everybody can take part.

More details to follow shortly

Hope you can all make it and run even better and without injury after

Re: Team GB coach at NHRR on 22 March

bringing this back up - hope to see you all there :-)

Re: Team GB coach at NHRR on 22 March

Thanks Astrid, sounds good - I'll be there!

Re: Team GB coach at NHRR on 22 March

So here is the plan:

7:15 - quick announcements as usual and introduction of Rob

~7:30-7:45 - Rob to observe pre-session drills with blues and greens; coaches takes session - Spirella overflow carpark
~7:45-8:05 - Rob to observe blue/green session, chat with coaches, opportunity for coaches to ask questions
~8:05-8:20 - Rob to observe post session drills with yellows and purples; coaches take session - Spirella overflow carpark
~8:30-9:00 - Presentation by Rob in Letchworth Gym (formerly Pride Fitness) studio - access through gym entrance NOT Spirella reception. Bring water/protein drinks. You can stretch while listening and there will be benches to sit on. Rob will cover tendon health and exercises EVERY runner should do, why and how. Q&A

Hope to see you all there

Re: Team GB coach at NHRR on 22 March

Hay, this looks like a cunning plan !

Re: Team GB coach at NHRR on 22 March

hope you can all make it - an if you are injured or cannot run the session for other reasons, just come along for the presentation