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Thames Meander - kill or cure?

Saturday was an early start as Andy and I headed to Kingston to "compete" in the Thames Meander. It was my first event of the year having been out with a knee injury since last November and being a "nearly" road event (it goes along the Thames path) Andy was lacking in enthusiasm!

We had both entered the marathon but agreed with the organisers before the event started that we may take the half depending on how my knee felt.

The course is pretty much an out and back with 4 well stocked food and drink stations (in each direction). The added interest this year was a rowing regatta taking place on the Thames where I was looking out for boat 67 out of 100s just so I could photograph my friend! Surprisingly I did spot her and managed to take a photo 😁

At the half marathon turn around point both my head and knee were still in the zone and I nervously decided to go the distance and figured I could run walk if needed. Andy on the other hand decided to head back. I took hold of the Garmin and headed off...

At mile 10 I realised that I had headed off with the car key - ooops!!! I guess I needed to keep running so Andy didn't have to wait too long in the cold, wet kit he was wearing 😮

Having seen my friend and reached the full marathon turn around point without colliding into any of the rowing coaches cycling along the path watching the rowers not the runners and walkers things were still going well.

Then mile 16 hit like a steam train on speed. Ouch!!! My glutes and quads started screaming. They hated me and were rebelling in the way only a teenager could manage. I started a run 1 mile walk 2 minutes system but even then they hated me. The run was more of a shuffle and the walk was only marginally less painful!. However, I was not stopping - remember I had the car key!!!

With 4 miles left to go I was thrilled to see that Andy had shuffled back to run me in. He had hoped to make it to the feed station for some nibbles first but I was going a bit quicker than he was expecting. We kept going at a shuffle walk, this time taking on all puddles and mud piles as going around them was too much effort!!!

Andy was having knee pain so left me for the last 1.5 miles and cheered me on as I ran past. I had realised by then that I could make it under 5 hours and I just wanted it to be over!!!


I may have woken up this morning making C3PO look like a ballet dancer and was as flexible as an elephant with rigamortis in body balance but all in all all seems well.

I will leave Andy to report on his half but needless to say that the lack of hills and trail had it's impact 🤔

Re: Thames Meander - kill or cure?

It sounds like you were very justified in wearing your slippers out last night Michelle!

Re: Thames Meander - kill or cure?

Fantastic Michelle - at least you are back! Out and backs can be tedious but at least you only had to go out and back once unlike the 4 times I had to when Sue and I did one along the Thames! Hope you knee continues to be OK.

Re: Thames Meander - kill or cure?

And you were up on he dancefloor last night! Well done Michelle (and Andy) - you are nutty in the nicest possible way! :smile:

Re: Thames Meander - kill or cure?

Good to see you back doing marathons Michelle! Well done to you and Andy! :slightly_smiling_face:

Re: Thames Meander - kill or cure?

Great performance Michells and hope the knee is back to behaving:) Can't believe you were able to dance the night away as well!