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Yellow Group + run Sun 18th March

This is an 'easy run' of approx 6 miles/10K. No one will be left behind. Open to anyone prepared to run at 10:30-11 mins mile.

Suggestion is around the Greenway via Highfield, Rose Hill, Purwell, Willian and then back via footpaths passing St Christophers.

Meet at Spirella 9am.

Normal trainers - beware the mini-Beast from the East - it will be a bit on the cold side!

Please post here or via the WhatsApp Group if you are going to run - looks like 6+ so far.

Re: Yellow Group + run Sun 18th March

I shall be there... as long as this mini beast doesn't trap my car in. See you tomorrow.

Re: Yellow Group + run Sun 18th March


Re: Yellow Group + run Sun 18th March

My Chess games over in Newmarket have been postponed due to the weather (perhaps unnecessarily), so I can make tomorrow after all. May not do 6 miles but I'll start at Spirella at 9