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Brighton Marathon

I am running the marathon but the group I was going with is getting smaller plus they are celebrating a 60th birthday and have now dropped out of the marathon, which obviously seemed like a good idea at the time of booking but not now its getting nearer. Can I just check who else is doing the Marathon and if you have finalised your travel and accommodation arrangements and if you have any recommendations if you have done this one in the past? thank you :relaxed:

Re: Brighton Marathon

OOOhh! Another 60th!! Well, I spent mine in A and E last week so I hope they have a better one than I did (although I did get a trolley for the night which was a result). This is actually a running lesson as it was found to be a kidney stone and the consultant was adamant that it was caused by dehydration due to not drinking enough after training (although I'm not convinced as I thought I did but after a night of absolute agony I now have a water bottle glued to my hand!!).
Anyway, to your Brighton point, I think there are a few others as well as myself who are doing this - it's on an old post somewhere. I always book my room well in advance and, after having a look out of curiosity recently, I fear that you may have to go out of town somewhat if you are staying over. We may all bump into each other over the weekend.