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Training Thursday

Hi can anyone tell me what training is tommorow for purples and yellows so I can decide what I want to do thankyou

Re: Training Thursday

Hi Hayley,

According to the Training Schedule Yellow & Purple groups are down to do the following sessions:

4 x 1k Bedford Rd bumps - 2 mins recovery

Walk/jog wu, 6 x 600m [90s] from Toyota Garage, Icknield Way, jog/walk wd

However, the visit of Team GB coach, Rob Hill, is going to impact on the sessions - the groups have to be back at Spirella for 8:05.

That's the best I can do at the moment - might have to 'wing-it' tomorrow so that the timings work out. There is an option to go to half way & back.

Re: Training Thursday

Thankyou Brian so there is an option to do half of the road instead of the full road if required thankyou I may join you I need to push myself again and really enjoyed your session providing you think I kept up ok and will be OK to do this.

Re: Training Thursday

I'm trying to go easy at the moment due to a weakness in my knee, so I'll probably do half.