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London marathon coach to the start.

Below is the message I got from Roger of FVS.
After the event, I normally catch the train back to Finsbury Park (we get free travel on the underground, as log as they see our race number) then buy a ticket back home.

Hi Folks,

You are receiving this email as someone who has booked on the FVS runner’s Coach.

I have currently accepted 52 names (runners & spectators), which means there are still a few seats available for the 57 seater coach.

My heart operation is billed for Friday, 23rd March, I sign in the day before. I still hope to make it to the event one way or another, but I need to get rid of all actions.

If you have any queries from now on, or need a place on the coach, please contact Jim Brown.

The runners coach will leave from Primett Road behind Waitrose at 06:30hrs. If you get any late problems then ring Jim on 07939 687509

If you're leaving a car at the coach pick-up/return, there are 2 car parks behind Waitrose, and the Sunday fee for both is 50p, payable on exit.

The cost for a ride on this coach is £10 for both runners & spectators. If my surgery goes to plan, then I should be able to walk down at 06:30hrs to collect the £10 before the coach leaves. Please therefore have your £10 ready. If that doesn’t work out, then Jim will advise.

The runners coach will drop everyone off at Blackheath, The large balloons make it obvious enough to tell where to head for.

Both coaches will return at around 17:30hrs. Most runners make their own way home, but of course you are welcome to ride the coach back. In recent years we have picked up the coaches in ‘Pall Mall’, or wait on the steps to the left, just as you leave the finish area.

If you are a Spartan, and have not yet advised your running number, please let us know. It would make it a lot easier for Jim to extract results, possibly giving us more press cover.

Good luck


Roger Biggs

07748 326301
Jim Brown

07939 687509

John Adamson
Ian Alexander
Martin Blackburn
Jo Bowdery
Tanya Brazier
Karen Broom
Trevor Broom
Jim Brown
Liz Carvell
Callie Chapman
Vicky Cottom
Sharon Crowley
Karen Ellis
Verity Fisher
Yuko Gordon
Stefan Ford
Gary Freer
Babis Kalatzis
Nicky Kuklys
Karen Liddle
Peter Males
Wayne McMillan
Rich Nolan
Sara O'Callaghan
Andrw Patterson
Mark Sanders
Thomas Sauka
Rob Shaw
Hazel Smith
Pete Smith
Daniel Sutton
Wendy Tharani
Neil Warren
Stuart Woolfe
Jennifer Naisbitt
Paul Bowal x5
Chris Leigh x 8
Roger Biggs
Lorraine Bennetts
Karen Jeckell
Rachel Stewart
David Woolfe ??

Re: London marathon coach to the start.

Hi Paul, I need to pull out of London because of injury. If its possible can you cancel my place on the bus? If not, I will give you the money the next time I see you.

Re: London marathon coach to the start.

I will let Roger know

Re: London marathon coach to the start.

Thank you 👍🏻