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Club la Santa - race result 1/2m and more

Just a quick note (not to upset anyone) to say I'm away in Lanzarote this week.
Club la Santa is a sports resort on the more northerly coast of the island.
La santa offers a Mix of classes/events/bike riding/swimming etc every day all included in the s/c aprtment price.

So...the 1/2 marathon here went well (1h 18 20) with a first place. Very windy...great training run a bit under flat marathon pace but a tedious out and back lap course... 3 x 7k (i hate laps!!).. a decent test of the brain to keep on top of the pace.

Weather is mid 20s here and the sun really hot when ur under it...sunblock is mandatory. The permanent wind puts a chill on the spring sun and makes the environment quite harsh but good for training. You go to bed knackered every night and sleep well...even if only relaxing and doing one class a day!

There is a 10k race on sunday I'll be doing too and hoping the wind is less as the opportunity to run fast in the warm is exciting and different to the UK roght now. Also getting some longer natural trail runs in on the sandy rocky conditions which are relaxing and free beside the pounding sea.

I'm writing this now as Im getting ready to go down to the track at 3pm and do the 800m rep session Karen has prescribed for Saturday with you back at home. Can you tell I'm stalling...hmmmmm maybe. It'll be good once I get going I know.

Plenty going on down there now with open air weights and hurdle practice currently going on.

So thats all from the Windy Isle. I'll be back Monday and see you at club tuesday if anyone a)wants to slap me for banging on about the sun 2) wants more info on CLS.

JIM :sunglasses:

Re: Club la Santa - race result 1/2m and more


this is supposed to be our "secret" warm weather training camp!

better doing the track sessions in the morning before it gets too hot!

Hope the 10K went well.....

Re: Club la Santa - race result 1/2m and more

Congratulations on a win and good time, hope the 10km went as well:)

Re: Club la Santa - race result 1/2m and more

At last! Someone else who likes running in the sunshine and hates laps - and you only had to do 3! Not my idea of a holiday though... Enjoy!