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Event diary

Is there a list of events that club members ran in 2017 and so far in 2018 that we could publish to the site as a helpful resource when we are looking for our next challenge. A centralised view of great events and a short summary of each, along with format/distance, price, date/time etc. Maybe this already exists?

Re: Event diary

Hi Drew,

Here is a list of the races that I am aware of NHRR members competing in last year, together with an indication of the type of event (as the name I have recorded is not always clear).

As far as the cost or a summary of the events, I'm afraid I can't help you there.

(you might have to scroll down a fair way - the forum sometimes objects to html tables, but I haven't found a better way of drawing one here).


Flitch NYD Marathon2017-01-01Multi-Terrain
First Saturday of the Month 5km2017-01-07Multi-Terrain
Dopey Challenge - Disney 4 Day2017-01-08Multi-Terrain
East Haningford Trail Marathon2017-01-08Multi-Terrain
Fan Dance 20172017-01-08Multi-Terrain
Herts County XC Championships2017-01-08XC
Buff Winter Trail Wales: Half Marathon2017-01-21Multi-Terrain
Three Counties XC League: Race 5: Bedford2017-01-22XC
Farnborough Winter Half2017-01-22HMar
Fred Hughes 102017-01-2210Mile
Santa Pola Half Marathon2017-01-22HMar
Southern XC Championships2017-01-28XC
First Saturday of the Month 5km2017-02-04Multi-Terrain
Watford Half Marathon2017-02-05HMar
Harrow Hill 10k2017-02-1210km
Love Welwyn 10k2017-02-1210km
Wokingham Half2017-02-12HMar
Herts County Vets XC Championships2017-02-19XC
National Cross Country Championships2017-02-25XC
Baldock Beast2017-02-26Multi-Terrain
Cambridge Boundary Half Marathon2017-02-26Multi-Terrain
Cambridge Boundary Marathon2017-02-26Multi-Terrain
First Saturday of the Month 5km2017-03-04Multi-Terrain
Cambridge Half Marathon2017-03-05HMar
Chiltern Canter2017-03-05Multi-Terrain
Milton Keynes 5km2017-03-055km
Milton Keynes Half Marathon2017-03-05HMar
Mornington Chasers Regents Park 10K Winter Series2017-03-0510km
Humanity Direct 31 Mile Ultra2017-03-11Multi-Terrain
Thames Meander Marathon2017-03-11Multi-Terrain
Thaxted Trail Marathon2017-03-11Multi-Terrain
Bath Half Marathon2017-03-12HMar
Finchley 20 Miles2017-03-1220Mile*
CAU Intercounties XC2017-03-12XC
Silverstone Half Marathon2017-03-12HMar
Ashridge Boundary Run2017-03-18Multi-Terrain
British Masters XC Championships2017-03-18XC
Cartmel 10k2017-03-18Multi-Terrain
Reading Half Marathon2017-03-19HMar
Welwyn Half Marathon2017-03-19HMar
Sandy 102017-03-2610Mile
First Saturday of the Month 5km2017-04-01Multi-Terrain
Prague Half Marathon2017-04-01HMar
City of Lincoln 10k2017-04-0210km
Greater Manchester Marathon2017-04-02Marathon
Lee Valley Half Marathon2017-04-02HMar
Oakley 202017-04-0220Mile*
Regents Park2017-04-0210km
Rome Marathon2017-04-02Marathon
BMAF 10k Championships2017-04-0910km
Brighton Marathon2017-04-09Marathon
Flitwick 10k2017-04-0910km
Haverhill Marathon2017-04-09Marathon
Sheffield Half Marathon2017-04-09HMar
Great Barrow Spring Double: Race 12017-04-14Non-Cert
Great Barrow Spring Double: Race 22017-04-15Non-Cert
Boston Half Marathon2017-04-17HMar
Breckland Forest Marathon2017-04-23Multi-Terrain
London Marathon2017-04-23Marathon
Highland Fling2017-04-29Multi-Terrain
Salcombe Coastal Marathon2017-04-29Multi-Terrain
Valleys and Views2017-04-30Multi-Terrain
Milton Keynes Half Marathon2017-05-01HMar
Milton Keynes Marathon2017-05-01Marathon
Pednor 52017-05-015Mile
First Saturday of the Month 5km2017-05-06Multi-Terrain
Greenway Challenge2017-05-07Multi-Terrain
Halstead and Essex Marathon2017-05-07Marathon
Mid Week League, Division 2, Race 1, Bishops Stortford2017-05-10Non-Cert
Starfish Bexhill2017-05-12Marathon
PJ's in the Park Marathon2017-05-14Multi-Terrain
Riga Marathon2017-05-14Marathon
White Peak Marathon2017-05-20Multi-Terrain
Leaden Boot Challenge2017-05-21Multi-Terrain
Stirling Scottish Marathon2017-05-21Marathon
Mid Week League: Division 2: Race 2: Stevenage2017-05-24Non-Cert
Liverpool Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon2017-05-28HMar
Vitality London 100002017-05-2910km
First Saturday of the Month 5km2017-06-03Multi-Terrain
Silkstone Shuffle2017-06-03Multi-Terrain
London 10 Mile2017-06-04Non-Cert
Farthingstone Foot Fest2017-06-10Multi-Terrain
St Albans Half Marathon2017-06-11HMar
Stotfold 5k Challenge2017-06-11Multi-Terrain
Yeovil Marathon2017-06-11Marathon
Mid Week League: Division 2: Race 3: Preston (Hitchin RC) 2017-06-14Non-Cert
Baslow Boot Bash2017-06-17Multi-Terrain
Greensand Ridge Relay2017-06-17Multi-Terrain
Trail Marathon Wales2017-06-17Multi-Terrain
Stag Golden Mile2017-06-22Non-Cert
Midnight Sun Half Marathon: Iceland2017-06-23HMar
Hertfordshire Hobble2017-06-25Multi-Terrain
Hitchin Hard 10km2017-06-25Multi-Terrain
Hitchin Hard Half2017-06-25HMar
Welwyn 10K2017-06-2510km
Mid Week League: Division 2: Race 4: Stevenage (NHRR) 2017-06-2810km
Great Barrow Challenge2017-06-29Multi-Terrain
First Saturday of the Month 5km2017-07-01Multi-Terrain
Isle of Wight Ultra2017-07-01Multi-Terrain
Bassingbourn Half Marathon2017-07-02Multi-Terrain
Great Hucklow Fell Race2017-07-02Multi-Terrain
British 10k2017-07-0910km
Chirk Half Marathon2017-07-09HMar
Mid Week League: Mob Match: Welwyn2017-07-1310km
FVS Challenge: Marathon Distance2017-07-16Multi-Terrain
FVS Challenge: Half Marathon Distance2017-07-16Multi-Terrain
FVS Challenge: 50km Ultra Distance2017-07-16Multi-Terrain
Panshanger 5m Parkrun2017-07-19Non-Cert
Bedford AAA 10k2017-07-2110km
Dooug Anderson 5km2017-07-265km
Fairlands Valley Relays2017-07-273km*
First Saturday of the Month 5km2017-08-05Multi-Terrain
Dovedale Dipper2017-08-06Multi-Terrain
Stopsley 10 mile2017-08-13Multi-Terrain
Rekjavik Marathon2017-08-19Marathon
Kimbolton Half Marathon2017-08-20HMar
Leilas Run2017-08-20Multi-Terrain
Veterans Athletics Club 5 mile Race Walk2017-08-22Non-Cert
Watford Open Track2017-08-23Non-Cert
Hatfield 5km: Race 12017-08-305km
Bedford Half Marathon2017-09-02HMar
First Saturday of the Month 5km2017-09-02Multi-Terrain
St Albans Stampede2017-09-02Multi-Terrain
Dunstable Challenge Event: 20 Miles2017-09-03Multi-Terrain
Northampton Half Marathon2017-09-03HMar
Wilne 10k2017-09-0310km
Woodford Open Track2017-09-05Non-Cert
Watford Open Track2017-09-06Non-Cert
Great North Run2017-09-10HMar
Swineshead 10 Miles2017-09-1010Mile
Thetford Iceni Marathon2017-09-10Multi-Terrain
Hatfield 5k Series: Race 22017-09-135km
Copenhagen Half Marathon2017-09-17HMar
Richmond Marathon2017-09-17Marathon
Round Norfolk Relay2017-09-17Non-Cert
Enfield League 1 hour Badge Race Walk2017-09-23Non-Cert
Biggleswade Open 10,000m2017-09-23Non-Cert
Berlin Marathon2017-09-24Marathon
Hitchin Town Centre 5km2017-09-24Non-Cert
Kings Forest Trail Marathon2017-09-24Multi-Terrain
Hatfield 5k Series: Race 32017-09-275km
Standalone 10K2017-10-0110km
First Saturday of the Month 5km2017-10-07Non-Cert
Great Barrow Challenge2017-10-07Multi-Terrain
Chester Marathon2017-10-08Marathon
Chicago Marathon2017-10-08Marathon
Great Barrow Challenge2017-10-08Multi-Terrain
Great Eastern Run2017-10-08HMar
Ampthill Trophy2017-10-15XC
Manchester Half Marathon2017-10-15HMar
Chelmsford Parks Marathon2017-10-22Marathon
Stevenage Half Marathon 2017-10-22HMar
Three Counties Cross Country League: Race 1: Wellingborough2017-10-22XC
Beachy Head Marathon2017-10-28Multi-Terrain
Marathon Eryri/ Brooks Snowdonia Marathon2017-10-28Marathon
Bury St Edmonds Half Marathon2017-10-29HMar
Bury St Edmonds Marathon2017-10-29Marathon
Fenland 102017-10-2910Mile
Love Luton 10k2017-10-2910km
First Saturday of the Month 5km2017-11-04Non-Cert
Athens Authentic Marathon2017-11-12Marathon
Three Counties Cross Country League: Race 2: Wooton2017-11-12XC
Hertfordshire Half Marathon2017-11-19HMar
Shillington Shuffle2017-11-19Multi-Terrain
St Neots Half Marathon2017-11-19HMar
Hatfield 52017-11-265Mile
San Sebastian Marathon2017-11-26Marathon
3 Counties XCL: Race 3: Dunstable2017-11-26XC
First Saturday of the Month / Santa Canta2017-12-02Multi-Terrain
Bedford Half Marathon2017-12-03HMar
Silkstone Shuffle2017-12-09Multi-Terrain
3CXCL: Race 4: NHRR2017-12-17XC
Great Barrow Triple Tipple: Day 22017-12-29Multi-Terrain
Buntingford Year End 102017-12-3110Mile

Re: Event diary

I should also say that if you are looking to plan your years running, you could do worse than to include:

NHRR's Run of the Month:
which will include the Mid Week League Races:

If you are interested there are the Herts County Championships:

You can also search which lists the road races that have UKA permits. You can search by date, region or distance. This site also has a link to the Trail Running Association if off road is more your thing.

Re: Event diary

Perfect Nick, exactly what I was after. Thanks.

Re: Event diary

Andy and I also did the Svalbard marathon which doesn't appear on the list.

Whoever did Chicago - any tips as to where to stay? I'm in for this year.

Re: Event diary

Hi Drew, thank you for your question. Each of the sections of the club has their own calendar, ie if you want to know about social activities, you find them on the social website etc.

In addition, under training is a google calendar which has all events. Hope that helps. Any feedback would be great.


Re: Event diary

I actually found this list of events helpful, and fortuitous timing as I wanted to enter a flatish autumn 10 k and needed to think about it now, given other stuff I have on and the amount of time I’ll need to train properly for it (it’s not a short race for me at my speed!). I don’t think this all of this information is ever replicated on the Google calendar, as that tends to focus on races done by more than one or two (e.g. runs of the month).
Anyway, I wouldn’t have known about the Luton 10 k otherwise, as it doesn’t appear on Run Britain yet for this year (I agree that seems to be the best online list), although in the end chose the Cambridge town and gown (norminally a charity race and 21st Oct btw, and one I know will be flat, if anybody wants join James and me for that).

Re: Event diary

some good ones to consider if you are looking for a PB:

Leeds Abbey Dash 10k - fast and flat, definitely PB potential (5th November)
Wilne 10K - fast 10K just outside Derby (autumn I think)
Great East Anglian Run (GEAR 10K) - you guessed it! another fast one! early in the year.
Perkins Great Eastern Run - fast and flat half marathon in Peterborough, again, good for a PB (the week after Standalone).

Like Nick says, once you have put all the MWL races and all the XC races in your diary, along with ROTM races, you may find it difficult to fit in anything else!

I think some of us are also looking to do the Watford open graded track meets in the summer, normally on a Wednesday evening, and don't forget the Golden Stag Mile (Finsbury Park) which was a great night out last year....

Re: Event diary

Thanks for this information. It was a question that i kept meaning to raise, as i see many posts after a race i was not aware of.
@astrid -I think the link under training is broken. In fact the only headings on the home page that link to a sub page is the 1) About 2)forum and 3) social. I get nothing else for the rest.
I have been trying for a few days!

Re: Event diary

They don’t go to a sub page, they display drop downs, but I’ve found them funny on some (mobile) browsers. I think Astrid is referring to

Re: Event diary

Great Table. Thanks. Might be worth pinning to the top of the forum?

Re: Event diary


Great info here, as i'm still kind of new to running so i am still learning of new events.

I've just booked up the Cambridge T&G 10K (no idea that existed but looks good)
Good to see other NHRR people there.

couple more runs i know about (in addition to the really useful list Mark put up, Great North Eastern Peterborough HM is Brilliant!)

Farnborough Winter HM (January - fast & flat - love this one)
Hastings HM / Bath HM -
(if you really like your hills!) usually on the same sunday (3rd week of march - i usually do Hastings as the support from the locals is great)
Welwyn HM (again march - but delayed this year to sept)
Stevenage HM (November)
Knebworth House HM (November - lovely scenery - lousy organisation)