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Race result: Dorney Lake marathon prep

Three of us jumped in the car early Sunday morning after remembering to change the clocks, and headed to Dorney Lake - the venue of the Olympic rowing. The marathon prep race had a 16, 20 and 24 mile option. The route was 4 mile laps, which actually were quite pleasant. There was a little wind up one side, so the pace dipped there every time, this was the effort, however the other side was next to trees, so didn’t get the wind back, but was much nicer. Few flies about too, which were a bit of a nuisance! It’s chip timed and you get splits for each 4M lap. The route is flat and it’s a great place to train, definitely recommend this event.

Me and Adrian did the 20 mile option and Darren did the 16 miles option.

Adrian ran round at MP in a time of 2:17:53 and finished 39th and 1st MV50!

I ran round close to MP, with a couple of lads I found doing similar pace. They wanted 6:30’s but I managed to get the pace up a bit, and we did 6:25’s. Very even paced. Made the whole thing very pleasant and we did a decent time. The laps just disappeared... I finished 16th with 2:08:35. Massive confidence boost for London.

Darren was 5th in the 16M in 1:49:03.

Re: Race result: Dorney Lake marathon prep

Fantastic pacing and well done to Adrian for winning the V50 category:)

Re: Race result: Dorney Lake marathon prep

Fantastic - well done both of you especially as it was laps...