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Daffodil Dawdle

Back to my favoured format of being sent off from a random village hall with nothing but a few pages of instructions to guide me round approx 26 miles of footpaths, bridleways and country lanes via 3 or 4 well stocked checkpoints (I swear it is possible to gain weight whilst completing one of these events) before arriving back where I started.

Suffolk today, gently undulating, perfect conditions underfoot, a smattering of pretty villages and loads of not quite out yet daffodils.

Caught up with Frances at 25 miles - she had started earlier than me - and we finished together and celebrated her 'official' 300th marathon with more cake! Time - 4.37 which I am pretty pleased with for an off-roader.

Re: Daffodil Dawdle

Sounds like fabulous preparation for Rome, well done Jo!

Re: Daffodil Dawdle

Well done Jo. One of my favourite runs! Hope to do it next year.:relaxed: