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Great Barrow Challenge Easter Quad

OK so I have only done days 1 and 2 but they were all I needed.

Yesterday, Clover route. Undulating (Suffolk is) but a lovely route around quiet country lanes. Plan was to jog round steadily as I knew I had today to do as well but I got caught up with some friends who set my inner metronome at a faster pace than I had intended and I finished quite comfortably in 3.51 which I was pretty pleased with - and way ahead of those who had set my pace and then dropped of by dithering at checkpoints talking to marshalls about motorbikes... Yuko was also there running a warm up for London and finishing in an amazing 3.38.

Today, Kirtling route. Another scenic, undulating route but generally considered (and backed by finishing times) to be tougher than Clover. Started at a more sensible pace aiming to finish in about 4.05 - 4.10 and all was going swimmingly (literally in places where the roads were flooded) until I realised that the last arrow I had seen was Pink (Clover route) and I was meant to be following Orange arrows today. Fortunately I had a map with me so could work out where I was and where I was meant to be but unfortunately the only way to get back on track was to retrace my steps back to where I had gone wrong - nearly 2 miles and an extra hill... It took me a while to settle into 30-mile mode instead of marathon but once I had I just trundled along again and finished in 4.46 which I suppose isn't too shabby for 30 miles. Actually got to the finish in 29.85 and got some very odd looks for carrying on past and then back again to bump it up to 30 but I really couldn't stop at 29.85 now could I?!


Re: Great Barrow Challenge Easter Quad

Had to be done!:grinning: Well done!

Re: Great Barrow Challenge Easter Quad

That's brilliant Jo. And no, you are right, you couldn't have stopped at 29.85!!! Congratulations. Looking forward to Rome?

Re: Great Barrow Challenge Easter Quad

Jo, Well done for your 30 miles after the 26 miles, you are awesomeπŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. I started to appreciate the concept of Great Barrow Challenge. Nobody races, nobody worries time, Only the 26.2 miles matters. I enjoyed the every mile of the day. Just me and the beautiful country road. I did a bit of social too, walked a small hill with a group.

At the first water station, I asked for a cup as there was none on the table. The lady gave me a surprise look and immediately made me feel I'm a eco criminal. πŸ˜’ She went to fetch a bag of cups from a box yards away. I drank water and put the cup neatly into the bin bag.😊 I'll carry my own cup next time.

The arrows were confusing at some points, particularly diagonal ones at 3 way junction! I was scared of getting lost as my map reading is hopeless and did not carry my phone like everyone else but fortunately the pink arrows on the day 1 was pretty clear.

I was wondering yesterday the flooded path could be worsening after more rain later in the day.

See you sometime again. I will buy that green silicon cup next time.
Good luck on your 200th in Rome!

Re: Great Barrow Challenge Easter Quad

very well done Jo. Two back to back tapering runs before your main event in Rome - one being 30 miles! It doesn’t seem that long ago that you did your 100th marathon and here you are at 199 with your 200th next Sunday - amazing! :slightly_smiling_face: