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Resource for strength and condition training

For those who are interested to either learn more about performing compound exercises (ie where you use more than one joint) correctly, or if you are doing them already regularly and want to check you are not doing anything wrong, please have a look in our recourse page for a compilation of key exercises.

There will be a post below once they are loaded.

These were provided by Rob Hill after our recent visiting GB coach session.

However, I have to add a WORD OF WARNING and a DISCLAIMER: if you are new to these kind of exercises, please DO NOT do them, especially not with heavy weights, until a coach has checked that you are doing the technique correctly. If done wrong, these exercises can do more harm than good. If you are a member of a gym, have a personal trainer review them with you. Or use the fantastic opportunity Karen offers now prior to training.

Re: Resource for strength and condition training

This has now been added to the training resources page