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Training Tues 3rd & Thursday 5th April

Tuesday's session for purple group is a 40min continuous run whilst on Thursday it's 6-7 x Runnalow reps after a 7 min walk/jog warm up and followed by the same as a warm down.

On Tuesday yellow group have a point to point fartlek on the Greenway to the Grange whilst on Thursday they are taking advantage of the lighter nights to enjoy 4 x 600m and 4 x 300m on Norton Common.

With Paul and Richard both away this week we'll see how numbers are looking tonight as to whether we join blues and greens or keep the groups separate. Pete will coach greens for 7 x Wheat Hill reps with 60s recovery whilst blues have 12-16 x 400m at St Francis, also with 60s recovery.

There will not be a track session on Saturday as it is the First Saturday of the Month 5km but there will be a strength and conditioning session on both Tuesday and Thursday with the same exercises repeated both days: clams (oysters) and bridge for glute activation, hamstring curls and a foot strengthener using a towel. Both sessions will start at about 6.50 depending whether Pete's train is on time! Happy running with NHRR!

Re: Training Tues 3rd & Thursday 5th April

Oops seem to have forgotten to post blue and green session for tonight which is a 2/3/4/5/4/3/2 fartlek with 90s recovery between each effort. I will bring some whistles!