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Trail shoes

There was a thread a while back asking for advice/opinions which I didn't have time to answer and can't find now but...

I LOVE my New Balance Leadvilles. I'm on my 3rd pair. They probably don't have quite the grippability of such brands as Innov-8 but they are, unusually for off road shoes, cushioned with moderate support. It is generally considered that the nature of off road running removes the need for any kind of support shoe and so these are possibly the only ones on the market. They are also better cushioned than most trail shoes I have tried and reasonably hard wearing - a pair lasts me about a year which is quite a few miles and quite a lot of mud... They were designed for, and are named after, a ridiculous 100 miler in America which created the need for a comfortable, cushioned, long distance trail shoe. They are also not ridiculously expensive...

Just thought someone might like to know!