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A weekend of PBS and results for Decathlon 5k

Here are some results for a few of us running this weekend it's been a fantastic weekend for PBs!!!
I ran fsom yesterday in 38.33 previous time 41.33
Taking 3 minutes off my time so a new PB for that course and I ran alone!

A few of us went over to decathlon today to run the free 5k running series a really well organised run with free tshirt medal and goody bag.
The course was actually about 5.3km so the times given are reflected in that....

Stuart cocks came in first for nhrr and in the top 15! at 23.45 actual time for 5k 22.40 giving him another 5k PB!

Abbi Cocks came in at 29.30 5k time unknown as no device sub 30

I came in 38.44 but 5k time was 36.42

Shani Fielding also got a PB this weekend time was.......35.03
5k time was 33.06 taking 2 minutes 58 seconds off!!

Jo Kenlin did it in 39.55 5k time was actually 38.15 also giving her a new PB with 2 minutes 12 seconds off her 5k time.

Training really does pay off we are all buzzing

Re: A weekend of PBS and results for Decathlon 5k

Congratulations to all of you, delighted to hear of your success:)

Re: A weekend of PBS and results for Decathlon 5k

Well done all!!