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Green Group Feedback

Dear All,

I have had the pleasure of coaching the green group for a few weeks now. It has been a real pleasure. Thank you for making me so welcome and all your hard work.

I am looking to take another coaching course to improve the quality of coaching that I give. In the mean time and in readiness for a course I would welcome some feedback. I am more than happy to receive it in whatever way you think fit and will always take it on board.
My e-mail address is:
My mobile number is 07496 367275

Thank you.

Re: Green Group Feedback

Hi dickie I enjoy the structure of your sessions I feel you push us all to train harder and give good coaching support many thanks Stuart

Re: Green Group Feedback

Hi :)

I've only been coached by you so far and it's been brilliant! I've become faster already. I've only been in the club for a month and a half and I've never been coached before so my suggestions below might be rubbish! Apologies in advance.

I would personally like to become faster in my marathons and half marathons and I know all this helps but if there's more stuff we could be doing for long distance speed then I'd like that.

Also, I notice my heart rate goes up to 180-185 when I run fast. I recover very quickly but still... I'd like to be able to train hard but in lower heart rate levels. If there's a way to train us for this then that would be great too!

In general it's been great!!
Thank you.


Re: Green Group Feedback

Dickie - I've been meaning to say how much I have enjoyed your training sessions recently. As you know, I'm not the fastest and I'm usually at or near the back, but I have felt as if I am making a bit more progress recently. Thank you for your no-nonsense approach, your practical advice, your encouragement - and your good humour!

Re: Green Group Feedback

I love your sessions Dickie. You do push us to go a bit harder and a bit further which is good, and thank you for giving us official chat time! 😊

Re: Green Group Feedback

Hi Dickie

There was talk of us splitting the Green group to allow us slower runners keep up as it is now getting more difficult to stay with the group and I'm sure we must be slowing them down.