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Valleys and Views

Why does everyone else think it was warm today? I ran in long sleeves, below-the-knee tights and gloves and was chilly at times...

Back to the usual 27 miles off road with a (vague) route description. Luckily it was the same route as last year so memory helped with the vagueness. Also, with only a gentle breeze as opposed to the head on for 27 miles gale we had last year, we actually realised that there are some downhill bits (last year we all swore it was uphill all the way) which explains how we manage to finish where we started. However before you think this means it was easier than last year, last year there was no mud. This year there was. Lots of. At one point people were holding onto live electric fencing for balance as it was sooooo slippery. However it could have been worse - I was expecting the field crossings to be like running with a small spaniel strapped to each foot but those bits were surprisingly dry.

Very scenic route - even on a cloudy day - taking in some beautiful Northamptonshire villages and at last the daffodils were in full bloom. Highly recommended for the views but the general opinion is that this is quite a tough one. Finished in 5.21 which is only 10 mins slower than last year so I was quite pleased with that considering that the mud really did make some bits unrunnable without risking taking up that well known new sport of downhill mud skiing!