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Greensand ridge relay

Okay. Summer wouldn’t be summer without the relays.
The Greensand ridge is on 16th June. If you want to be part of a team , I am putting one together. Mixed or all male. Doesn’t matter.
Please post or let me know if you are interested
You may need your own transport.


Re: Greensand ridge relay


Just looking on their website. Is the route signposted or do you need a compass, first aid kit and flare gun?


Re: Greensand ridge relay


It is self navigated, you need to reccie the route before you race it...

It is sign posted, but you need to have run it before you race it. You won’t see the signs at race pace... you also can’t necessarily rely on runners in front of you as it’s handicap start time. I.e. every team has its own start time.

It’s a bit like running the Greenway I suppose - there are little sign posts and a map.

Re: Greensand ridge relay

No can do this year - but loved it last year! Highly recommended! Finishes at the pub....

Re: Greensand ridge relay

Echo Darren's comments. Unfortunately i am also unavailable but if you haven't taken part in this event its a really good day out.

I ran the 9 mile leg between Woburn and Millbrook so if anyone wants assistance when recce'ing the route i am more than happy to join you.

Re: Greensand ridge relay

I'm up for it.

Would like Woburn to Millbrook 9 mile leg in fast mens team please....

Re: Greensand ridge relay

If there was a slower/ mixed/ ladies team, I would be interested in joining you. I would definitely need to do a recce weekend though- directions not being my best asset! 😊

Re: Greensand ridge relay

I am available for this 😀

Re: Greensand ridge relay

I really enjoyed it last year and would be interested in doing it again this year.