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Breckland Marathon

While everyone else was pounding the tarmac around London I tootled off to Thetford for the Breckland trail marathon - an out and back from the British Trust of Ornithology HQ in Thetford following the River Ouse through Thetford Forest to Brandon and back. Very pretty route and what a beautiful day for running. Yes it was hot but I like it hot! I just slow down a bit and enjoy it! Thetford Forest is quite hard work - a lot of the paths are very bumpy (Sue will know what I mean) and it takes quite a lot out of your knees and quads but this is trail running so we take it as it comes!

Highlight - hearing two (yes, two) cuckoos in Thetford Forest. Last year I might have heard one once all summer and before that I can't remember when I last heard one so to hear two in one morning was brilliant!

Lowlight - meeting a runner who had gone wrong and was very angry. I had also gone past the same turn (this route is notoriously poorly marked but this year was a huge improvement on last) but had realised and was retracing my steps, with a third runner, to where we had gone wrong. Two of us were fine about it, it's a trail run, it happens, and set about making sure subsequent runners couldn't make the same mistake. The cross runner however was furious - he had been in third place at the time he went wrong and was blaming everyone except himself - even though he hadn't noticed that on an out and back route that he had run off road for 13.1 miles on the way out but had somehow managed 2 miles on a busy road on the way back before realising he was wrong and turning back... I had realised I was wrong and turned back when I saw the road in the distance! He then proceeded to be very rude to the marshalls at the next two drink stations and was having a sulky walk when I caught him up again at the finish. I do hope that no-one from NHRR would ever behave in this way... It is meant to be fun...

Anyway after all that I finished in 4.21 (for 27.1 miles!) and third lady. The other two were within reach before I went wrong and then dithered about with signs but I wasn't bothered about catching them as I really didn't want to get into any sort of battle with anyone today and anyway I was first lady last year so already have a book on birds!

Re: Breckland Marathon

well done Jo sounds like a great run. All this talk of marathons this weekend is getting me tempted again.....maybe.

Re: Breckland Marathon

Nice work, Jo - both your performance and Cuckoo reports.

Just one correction, though - you can never have too many books on birds....

Re: Breckland Marathon

Well done Jo. A lovely place to run. It brings back memories for me when I used to go there. I’ve got lost a few times and tripped over the odd tree root! Just the right weather for you. Shame about the angry man - maybe he should have run London instead! 🙂

Re: Breckland Marathon

It śounds lovely Jo. The right place to run on a hot day 😊