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Masters study into altitude training.

Thought this might be of interest for anyone who works in or near London. My cousin is completing her masters in sport science and needs some able and willing volunteers as stated below. (I’ve copied and pasted)

I am writing this status to ask if anyone would be willing to volunteer for my MSc dissertations research study at St Mary’s University. I am looking at the effects of the Elevation Training Mask 1.0 aka “altitude training mask” on the physiological adaptations gained from using the mask during a period of training and also to test the claims of the mask (whether it creates altitude levels when worn). I am aiming for 20 participants to take part, both genders, between the ages of 18-45, and moderately trained. One group will wear the mask and the other will not. From taking part in this study you will be given a fitness training plan to follow for 4 weeks (with or without the mask), an insight into your physiological profile of your cardiovascular and respiratory systems and free tests of your sub-maximal and maximal physiological performances that normally cost around £150. For further information please contact me at

I am desperate for participants as I can’t complete my Masters without doing this research study. I would be very appreciative of anyone willing to take part. Please share this with anyone you think will be interested (over 18) or to any other sports teams or clubs.