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Missed Targets?

Just because I am too lazy and don't care enough to ever bother trying for a PB or Sub-Something marathon time ever again doesn't mean I don't really feel for those of you who have trained really hard all winter and have recently missed out by a few minutes (or even seconds) or whose plans were blown apart by yesterday's heatwave.

You may be interested to know that entries for Milton Keynes (May 7th) close at midnight tomorrow (Tuesday) and Halstead (May 13th) can probably be entered on the day. I hated Milton Keynes and will never do it again and love Halstead (but cannot run it this year as I will have a hangover) so I suppose that most of you will love Milton Keynes and hate Halstead... Both can be dropped out of fairly easily if things are not going to plan without running the whole distance. Both can be entered without the need for GFAs, ballots, sponsorship, medical certificates etc etc etc. 2 or 3 weeks would be pretty perfect to have a bit of a rest and bounce back for another go...

Just a suggestion but it seems a shame to let all that training go to waste and then have to start all over again next year...

Re: Missed Targets?

Tempting 🤔 not sure my family can go through that again!

Re: Missed Targets?

I thought of running MK 3rd time in a row...but stood my ground and decided to stick to my vow not to run a serious marathon until next spring...

Out of curiosity, why's that you hate MK? Not the fastest or most scenic route ever, but I've seen worse than that...