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The power of NHRRs. A Flitwick tale

I like many other squirrels run the Flitwick 10k this morning and I knew id done it a "couple" of years ago so I searched their result page and discovered a "couple" of years was actually 7 years ago!!!
This was before I joined the club and my time then was 1hour 1minute 32seconds
today 7 years older (but not any wiser) I completed the course in 53 minutes 27. so a
COURSE PB by over 7 minutes which just goes to show what training with a great club and great people does pay off.
Now to get rid of those pesky 3.5 minutes.:smiley:

Re: The power of NHRRs. A Flitwick tale

Well done Alan.

Re: The power of NHRRs. A Flitwick tale

That's a remarkable improvement Alan - just goes to show that NHRR reaches the parts other running clubs cannot reach :laughing:

Re: The power of NHRRs. A Flitwick tale

Fantastic Alan, really well done and it really does show what a difference joining a club makes. For me the major influence was seeing everyone else just getting on with their training without any whinging and whining and realising that if they were just normal people so it they could do it then so could I! The 3.5 minutes will go - probably when you least expect them too...

I also ran Flitwick a few years ago and for a 10K really enjoyed it. I did briefly think about doing it this year but not for long enough to actually enter...