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Cross country dates 2018/19 season

I know it’s a long way off, and we are focused on MWL, but I’ve just received confirmation of the cross country dates proposed for next year and there is a significant change.

Basically we don’t start until November now. Wellingborough has moved within the fixture list, the idea is to give people a build up race before the brook crossing race. Also, Wootton couldn’t host until January, so we have 2 fixtures in January next year. Something to factor into marathon training...

Get these in your diary!

Any questions let me know...

Confirmation of race dates for 2018/19
4 November - Dunstable
25 November - Wellingborough
16 December – North Herts
13 January – Ampthill
27 January – Wootton (updated from 28th Oct)

Re: Cross country dates 2018/19 season

Thanks John - that's very helpful. I was starting to wonder about these as thinking about which autumn half marathon to get into my schedule.

Ooh - just noticed Ampthill is on the list! That's quite exciting as we haven't had a league fixture there for a few years :grinning: