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Planes, T'Raynes and Automobiles

Not my usual sort of thing at all but with the only viable alternative on offer being Milton Keynes I decided to brace myself and give it a go. 8 3.25 mile laps (out and back) along the Flitch Way starting from Rayne Station on the disused railway line. Rayne Station is now a popular and interesting coffee shop - as well as the booking office there is a train carriage parked in the station which has extra tables and is full of train memorabilia.

It was described as flat - well it wasn't hilly as such but each lap was gently downhill for 1.63 miles to the turnaround and then gently uphill back to the station. By lap 5 that 'gently' uphill felt like Derbyshire! It was however quite shaded which made it perfect place to run on such a lovely day.

It was organised by a company called Hare and Tortoise Running and that is pretty much how things panned out. Off went the speedy young men as I settled into easy pace. I started reeling them on lap 5 as the heat began to take it's toll and was the first to complete marathon distance in 3.58.

This was a 6 hour timed event so not everyone was running marathon distance - some ran less and some more but marathon was probably the most popular chosen distance. Unusual for me as it was laps but I would recommend this one - especially as a training run - and for anyone with supporters the cafe is a great place to watch from. I can definitely recommend the coffee, the cakes looked amazing and as for the bacon sarnies...

PS Planes - it is near Stansted Airport, T'Raynes - it starts at Raynes train station, Automobiles - most of us drove there...

Re: Planes, T'Raynes and Automobiles

Congratulations Jo! First place in the marathon distance is brilliant. Sounds like a good event. 🏃🏼‍♀️😀

Re: Planes, T'Raynes and Automobiles

I love your race reports Jo! I doubt I’ll ever run a marathon, but you make them all sound such fun and so appealing.

Re: Planes, T'Raynes and Automobiles

Impressive as ever Jo !