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MK marathon weekend

There appeared to be a few squirrels out enjoying the sun in MK today doing a mixture of the 1/2, the marathon and the relay.

I admit to a niggle of regret when I saw Naomi's marathon number of Facebook last night thinking that maybe I should have signed up for the full.

This morning I was very happy to know that I would be lazing around in my nephews swimming pool whilst Naomi and Lucy would still be pounding the streets of MK! Sorry ladies!

I was using this as a training run for some marathons I have coming up so had no expectations. I also admit that the course was not the most exciting but I did finish in 1.59.17 which was only my 3rd time under 2 hours - yippee!!!

Re: MK marathon weekend

Congratulations Michelle on a really good time in the sweltering heat! 🙂