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Standalone 10k entries

Dear All,

You will no doubt be aware that the Standalone 10k entries are now open. We had 320 entries on the first day, 80 more than last year. As this is our blue ribbon race and one of the best in the region we need all the help on the day that we can get. Therefore, I make no apologies for having to be strict about who from the club can enter. The basic rules are as follows.

1. The club Captains will pick teams based on merit. The race is the Herts Vets County Champs. This will include all age categories. If you are running well in your age category, this will be taken into account.
2. Some members join NHRR to train for the Standalone 10k. This is also taken into account.
3. We do allow others to enter for special reasons, such as long standing commitment or special occasions.

So, if you are intending to enter, please speak to Astrid or myself before you do so. This may just prevent disappointment.

Thank you.

Standalone 10k Race Director