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Night of 10000PBs this Sat 19th May London

This Saturday a few squirrels are travelling to Highgate track for the Night of 10000PBs. The event was started to offer an opportunity to race 100000m (25 laps) on the track and improve British distance running. Spectators stand on the outside lanes of the track so the atmosphere is amazing. Andrew Leach is running in one of the first races at 2.15pm so we are going early to cheer him on:) The women's and men's A races are at 8.30pm and 9.15pm and include the British Championships, the trials for the European Championships to represent GB and the European Cup competition so there will be some good European runners competing. Believe some people are getting the train so I'll try and get someone to post details. There is no charge for the event but queues for food and drink can be quite long and it's usual London event prices. They do brew a special beer each year! Do post if you would like to come along.

Re: Night of 10000PBs this Sat 19th May London

Sue and I are coming

Will be bringing chairs and food as it's going to be a long day

Looking to catch a train from Hitchin to Hampstead Heath at 12:31 arriving just before 14:00 I think

Re: Night of 10000PBs this Sat 19th May London

I’ll be coming with Sam, probably won’t get there till 6:30pm so will come and find you all. Looking forward to it.