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Night of 10000 PBs

Great event yesterday. Top men’s and women’s races still available for viewing via bbc website I believe. Thanks to everyone who came and supported us - it made a huge difference.

Men’s ‘F’ race:
17 348 Andrew Leach M NHERT 33:08.58

Men’s ‘A’ race and British champs:
22 205 Matthew Leach M BEDC 29:11.35

Full results at

Re: Night of 10000 PBs

It was an absolutely fabulous day and delighted to see a NHRR vest tackling 25 laps:) We were expiring just sitting in the sun so Andrew’s time was excellent. Matt’s race was stunning with Alex Yee leading the GB team and Andy Vernon just popping Chris Thompson, but all 3 British runners were under 28 mins! The front were lapping in 65s!!! Thank you to Andrew and Matt for running so well and giving us lots to cheer:)

Re: Night of 10000 PBs

Well done to the Leach family! Fantastic effort! Watched it on BBC as we had to miss the live event. Nice to see a big NHRR crowd in the background :-)

Re: Night of 10000 PBs

Congratulations - great results! - I watched on BBC
Good this gets coverage