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Moving to the frozen north .Goodbye for ever ....

Well not quite. Astrid and Karen were kind enough last Tuesday to say that I was changing clubs but , judging by the questions I have been asked since , people have got the impression that I am leaving the club completely and moving out of the area.

Half of you looked confused, the other half were thinking who are we talking about?? (I have not been down to the club that often lately, so thanks for clapping anyway).

However, I have been asked since where I am going and this cumulated in quite a few people asking me this at the last Midweek League race. I didn’t really mind but to those people who kept grabbing my ankle and saying ‘’ Don’t leave me Dave’’ I would point out that this is not only embarrassing for both of us, but frankly, it slowed my running down in the race.

All that is happening is that I am swapping from being first claim for NHRR and second claim Bedford Harriers to the opposite position.

I have changed clubs, as it is nearer to me and I have been turning up there more often than to NHRR. Plus, in particular, I have negotiated three things with Bedford that I feel I need at my age:

1. A litter to carry me to the race start.
2. An ego massage therapist to talk to me at set intervals during the race.
3. A stretcher on standby at the finish.

You will see me at the Fairland Valley relays and cross country in the Harriers kit as they are the first claim club but I will still be turning up at NHRR.

I was quite touched by the announcement on Tuesday though, as it is true I have been in the club for a very long time. I have very fond memories of what the club has done. I can also remember putting in some great results and some great disasters whilst at NHRR. Who could forget for example , ( well Karen hasn’t) when we were demoted one year in the Midweek League by one point because I couldn’t be bothered to sprint past the person ahead of me at the finish . The moral of the story is of course to try, try and try again for the team and never ever , ever give up or…… alternatively…….. If you want to slack off, then don’t do it in front of Karen!

So anyway you will still see me at some NHRR training and races so no need for an obituary just yet.

Best Wishes

Dave F

Re: Moving to the frozen north .Goodbye for ever ....

Hi Dave, whilst it is true that your unusual lack of sprint finish in that MWL finish in Welwyn on the green opposite the Leisure Centre (yes, I remember it that well!) is obviously imprinted on both our memories (of course, I could also have run faster and gained that 1 match point :)!!) I also have great memories of a flying Frampton at numerous other MWLs, XC and other races including the FVS Relays. You have been a very dedicated member of the club and Pete and I are delighted that you are continuing with us 2nd claim whilst completely understanding your wish to train on a track and at a venue closer to home. You have always been willing to drive quite a way to train:) We look forward to cheering you on in the yellow of Harriers providing that you are not just in front of or catching a NHRR vest!

Re: Moving to the frozen north .Goodbye for ever ....

i am sure we could negotiate a stretcher at the finish also if this would persuade you to stay :-)

look forward to seeing you running both for Harriers and us

i still remember vividly when our two younger selves were doing the Altros/Irish club reps and were hoping the other one would get into 'the treackle" up the hill first

Re: Moving to the frozen north .Goodbye for ever ....

Dave, I haven't quite forgiven you for taking me 20 metres from the line at the Harlow Midweek league after you started 20 mins late..

Re: Moving to the frozen north .Goodbye for ever ....

I suppose you will still be expecting me to provide you with 'body parts' when yours breakdown ?

Re: Moving to the frozen north .Goodbye for ever ....

Absolutely Spare Head 1.

As you know, I have made no secret that I may need all the spare parts I can get . My request for spare parts started out as a bit of a joke , but lets just say I am giving it more and more consideration so don't change address!

Re: Moving to the frozen north .Goodbye for ever ....

Never forgotten you passing me on a hill beyond Preston in the Hitchin half Marathon years ago. You said “You’ve just got to decide if you’re a winner or a loser” - never forgotten your advice or your humour. Hope Bedford is good for you. 🙂

Re: Moving to the frozen north .Goodbye for ever ....

I expect to see a statue in Letchworth town centre in your honour... at the very least

Re: Moving to the frozen north .Goodbye for ever ....

Better warn the women in bedford about your hip wiggling during stretching . Will go down as a nhrr legend .
See you around bedford .