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Race Results please

Any amazing races for anyone to include in this week's press report? I'll get the parkrun results, but anything that stands out from your parkrun and any other results please post, with stories, Lins to pictures etc.



Re: Race Results please

Not sure how you add a pic which I would love to include cos it's hilarious but a pretty muddy 5 k for me and abbi yesterday mud mud Id never imagined so much mud lol

Hayley and abbi

Re: Race Results please

I ran the Cork Half Marathon today, it was crazily humid and hillier than I was expecting. The crowd was amazing and there was plenty of water, cold wet sponges and lucozade to keep everyone going.

The day didn’t get off to the best start as I appear to have a sickness bug but it managed to hold off during the race. I managed 2hrs 26 - my second best half marathon time. Absolutely loved the race itself, the scenery, the crowd and my play list 😃

It was by far one of the best organised events I’ve been part of. I’d highly recommend it to anyone.

Re: Race Results please

hi Hayley - you can email me a picture to

Re: Race Results please

Me and Jodie did the Mountain Yomp Challenge today in Kirkby Stephen:

Matt Davies - 1:48:15 - 6th
Jodie Brumhead - 2:27:31 - 39th

We just did the the Half Yomp, so 11.5 miles with ~1850ft elevation gain. Rain all day on Saturday meant it was about 90% humidity and the path turned to knee high bog in parts. Weather cleared for the race however to give us some great views and it was a lovely day with most of the locals out on the hills for one of the races on today. :smiley:

Re: Race Results please

Hi Phil
When do you need them by? If I don't get blown the intoartic sea with the 45mph winds and driving rain I can send you some from the Midnight Sun marathon- even with bad weather the whirling most atop the mountains is pretty dramatic!