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Marathon training plans

I have been looking online for a marathon training plan (I've never followed one before and have just done what I have felt like doing!) and note that there are 1000's out there! Many are for people that have never run a marathon so I can eliminate them. However, that still leaves 1000's to chose one.

I have now run 10 + marathons and 2 ultra's so I know I can do the distance. Though my first is still my fastest at 4.29.55. I'm considering trying to aim for a pb at one of the autumn road marathons I have signed up for.

So, I'm looking for a plan that may help me work towards getting faster rather than further.

Can anyone recommend one for me?


Re: Marathon training plans

Hi Michelle, think recommendations depend on how many days you want to train, your current mileage and what you would like you mileage to be during your plan. Know athletes at the club have used Hal Higden's plans and Runners World but some of them are 6 days a week and 70 miles at peak. Have you thought about putting your own plan together so that it would be personalised for you?

Re: Marathon training plans

Thanks Karen.

I haven't thought about putting one together as I wouldn't know where to start!

I usually get out 3 - 4 times a week (including the club session) and have 2/3 30min gym classes a week and one kayaking session (cross training?!?). I could change that to accommodate more running for the duration of the plan.

I have no idea what my weekly mileage is as I don't pay much attention (ooops). I do know that at my current speed I can't do much more than 13 miles in an evening...

Re: Marathon training plans

Hi Michelle - I can email you one I have used many times. I like it because all the sessions are perfectly do-able on your own and you don't need a degree in maths to work out what you are supposed to be doing.

Re: Marathon training plans

I use the book advanced marathoning, i believe it's very popular. It's taken me from 3.37 to 2.38, so i can tell you the plans work.

The lightest plan in the book goes up to 55 miles a week & will have 5 runs a week, i think it starts with 4 runs a week with mileage in the 30's.

Worth reafing the book than just the plan as it explains the different type of runs, why you are doing them & how it will benefit your marathon

Re: Marathon training plans

I have also used the Pfitzinger & Douglas Advanced Marathoning schedule - whilst I'm obviously not remotely anywhere near Adam's ability, the up to 55 miles per week plan worked very well for me and enabled me to take over 20 mins off my best time to dip under the 4 hr mark - used the plan again for my final marathon and got PB, so it does work IF you can put the hours in to training. Obviously, if, like me, you are at the slower end of the spectrum then you are going to have to devote more time to covering the training miles than a faster runner. The Advanced Marathoning book is a fascinating read in itself, if you're a running geek - and aren't we all? :wink:

Re: Marathon training plans

I use Runners World.

This is my plan. I’ve used it 4 times, it works and fits in well with the club sessions. I’ve done it using 4, 5, 6 and 7 days / week.

This is the one they do now, which is similar, but not got the ASICS logo on it.

There are sub 4 and sub 5 variants too.

Re: Marathon training plans

Another advocate of Advanced Marathoning here. I use it as a base and then adapt somewhat so I can get it into the commute / work / family / sleep schedule.