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Training Tues 5th & Thurs 7th June

With our 3rd MWL race on Thursday at Trent Park you may like to enjoy an easy run on Tuesday with friends from the club. However, realising that not everyone can make the MWLs we will be offering some session on Tuesday:) Purple group are at Standalone for 6-8 x 500m whilst yellows have a 7 x 3 mins fartlek with 2 mins easier running between each effort on the Greenway towards Standalone. For blues and greens there's a choice of the same fartlek as yellows or 7 x 800m at Highfield track. There will not be any sessions on Thursday due to the race nor Saturday, as it is the annual Bird Run:) Please see the separate post from James Walsh for details about Saturday. The run is suitable for all abilities. Happy running with NHRR!