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Farthingstone Foot Fest

Beautiful rolling Northamptonshire for this one. Usual format - minimum 26 miles (27.3 today) off road with a route description. Half way is back at the start so runners/walkers have a choice of 15 or 12 mile routes or doing both for the full distance. Northamptonshire may only be rolling but believe you me this event is no stroll in the park - and there are 40-ish stiles to negotiate en-route including a couple of doubles and even one triple (completely bonkers) ones. Ran with a friend at comfortable chatting pace (OK ranting pace - it's been a stressful couple of weeks...). Both pleased to finish in 5.22 and still feeling really good - it was one of those days when had it been 40 miles instead of 27 it would have been fine, we'd have just carried on.

Lots of stinging nettles. My legs are tingling worse than I can ever remember!

Re: Farthingstone Foot Fest

I remember this one well, Jo! Well done! :grinning: