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Green Half Marathon - Lefkada

Another event that would not fit into Jo's rule of running but in my defence I did win the flight at last years Athens marathon and had limited time to use iy...

So, by the end of the weekend I will have been flying for over 9 hours, driving for around 12 hours and sightseeing enroute to one of the Ionian islands Lefkada to take part in a half marathon 😂 Sleep is for wimps - at least that's what I'm telling myself as that was fitted in on the 4.5 hour overnight flight.

The half was part of a larger event with a 10k and 5km. It started through the town running past bemused looking customers enjoying their seafood feasts! Then two laps around the bay as the sun set - very pretty. Though the downside being that on the first lap the sun was well and truly still out so I had soaked myself at the enthusiastically attended drinks stations. Once the sun went down I got cold very quickly... Other than almost taking out a toddler that pulled out in front of me mid sprint as I approached the finish line and feeling every bit of the 50k two week ago it went very well. I'm sitting in a busy restaurant enjoying the evening heat at 10pm writing this - perfect!

Not sure what the official time will be but it will be slightly under the 2.03.44 my Garmin recorded - my 4th fastest 1/2 marathon!

Re: Green Half Marathon - Lefkada

How nice!! Congratulations! I'm very envious and homesick:)

Re: Green Half Marathon - Lefkada

Angeliki if you ever get homesick and want to hear someone attempt Greek let me know!

I'm having lessons yet the only time today where anyone has responded to my Greek (not in English as they can obviously tell I'm awful) was this afternoon. The hotel cat!!!

Re: Green Half Marathon - Lefkada

Haha!!! Oh cool! I'm up for it!! Have a lovely time. Lefkada has some stunning beaches! It takes time but the more you speak the more you learn:). I'm like this with Italian and my Italian marathons 😍

Re: Green Half Marathon - Lefkada

Well done, Michelle. :grinning:

Re: Green Half Marathon - Lefkada

Well done Michelle but why only a half?! I've been learning Italian for about 13 years now. I keep going to lessons in the hope that they will prevent me from getting worse. When I go to Italy, if I speak in Italian to anyone who speaks any English at all, they still speak to me in English...

Re: Green Half Marathon - Lefkada

Jo- because I'm not superwoman like you!!!

Also, they only had a half! Will be back in Greece towards the end of the year for the Athens marathon though. I love that one...

I've only been learning Greek for 6 weeks so it looks like I've got a long time before people understand me. Final weekend tally 2 x cats and 3 x humans 😂😂😂

Re: Green Half Marathon - Lefkada

Michelle, next time I see you in going to test your Greek lol!!!

Jo, I love Italian, I'm learning a bit myself using a book but I'm more fluent since I started chatting to Italian people online who don't speak English. With the help of Google translator, I learnt enough to be able to speak basic Italian and even have a conversation with Italians when I went there in March. In fact i did not speak a wprd of English!! I think that's the only way to learn! Plus I've made some good running buddies in Italy! :)

Re: Green Half Marathon - Lefkada

Γεια σου! 😀 ευχαριστώ...


I did Italian for 2 years and am not much better at that...

Basically, I'm terrible at languages 😞

Re: Green Half Marathon - Lefkada

Lol!! You passed! ;)