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Redway Festival of Running Marathon

I ran the Redway Festival of Running Marathon on Saturday against all the odds. After three and a half months of a foot injury and trying to get back into training too soon and my longest run being only 15 miles, it was a case of turning up and seeing what would happen! The course was seven laps of 3.7 miles plus point six of a mile at the start to make the total up to 26.5. So I had plenty of opportunity of pulling out if I needed to.

The run took place at Lakeside Grove, Caldecotte, Milton Keynes, and we more or less just had to make sure the lake was on our left as we ran round the course. Sometimes it's best not to think too much about what you are about to do and just get on with the task in hand. So I ploughed on round the laps and didn't really notice my lack of training until the last couple of laps where I was running and walking and the short and gentle undulations began to look much bigger. But just under a mile from the finish I looked at my watch and realised that I could get in under 4.30 if I got my act together, and so, thinking of what Jo would tell me to do at this stage ("come on, you can't give up now!"), I pushed on and was pleased to finish in 4.28.27.

This was a very low key event with about 30 runners, mostly from Redway Runners, but if you can put up with laps it is a good training run with easy parking at the Premier Inn. One runner had even driven all the way from Wales in the morning and was driving back the same day! :blush:

Re: Redway Festival of Running Marathon

Looks like an excellent time in the circumstances.

Re: Redway Festival of Running Marathon

Wow! Well done!

Re: Redway Festival of Running Marathon

This sounds horribly like the same course as Enigma use... Not something I will ever be doing again... Well done Sue - good to see you back running again and finishing in a good time!