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Race result: St. Albans Half Marathon

Hi everyone,

this morning I ventured south to lovely St. Albans for what was described as the most friendly HM in the area (no idea what they wanted to imply with this, though...). After the Greenway challenge a month ago a mixture of injury-like aches and pains and family/work issues have held me from training decently, and in fact I think I've only managed to run 4-5 times ever since, and only after 2 weeks of stop. So, no real hope of improving my 'seasonal time' I hit at the Greenway HM.

Anyway, I've tried to follow the 1:40 pacers, but after 3 miles I've been wise enough to slow down a bit, and managed to make it to the end (not without suffering!) in 1:41:03 (GPS time), not too bad all considered.

The real highlight of the race was a lady at Mile 7 with a sign saying 'You're running better than Thameslink', that gave me a boost for the last 6 miles. I caught up with another Squirrel who took a lovely and sweaty picture of the 2 of us after the finish line...I tried to make him promise not to go public with it, don't think he'll listen to my advice :)

Re: Race result: St. Albans Half Marathon

Well done Niccolo - a great effort and a great time. I did this few years ago - loved the downhill finish but then due to traffic in St Albans it took me longer to get out of the car park and drive home than it had taken me to run the race so I swore never again!

Re: Race result: St. Albans Half Marathon

Well done. I love the sound of that sign - someone with a great sense of humour.

Jo - I feel the same about Silverstone!

Re: Race result: St. Albans Half Marathon

Well done great time it's a course with a few hills on it.

When I did it a couple of years ago somebody was blasting out Shoot the Runner by Kasabian as we all ran past. Sort of found it funny at the time.