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Training Tues 12th & Thurs 14th June

Tuesday's session for blue group will be 4 x 1M at 5/10km pace on the Grange loop starting near the Norton Way roundabout. If anyone is keen on 6 at HM pace you are very welcome to run the extra 2:) Recovery for blues will be 90s as it will be for the Green group who will be in the Common for 6 x 800m hill loop. Yellows have 4 x 7 mins on the Greenway heading for Standalone. Purple group session is 6 x Bedford Rd bumps with 90s recovery at either end of the road.

On Thursday purple group have a lavender fields run, yellows are on the Greenway at Hillbrow for some hill reps and greens and blues have 200m reps at the track with decreasing recoveries. Enjoy!

No track Saturday as some of the regulars are taking part in the Greensands Ridge Relay.

Re: Training Tues 12th & Thurs 14th June


With run around the garden planned for Sunday, should I be doing something lighter than speedy sprints at Highfield track? I might have to take the 200m reps easy. How many are we doing?

Thank you :)