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Salomon Trail Marathon Wales

Andy, Paul and I headed over to Wales last night to take part in the above event. All of us have done it before which meant we knew what we were letting ourselves in for - I'm never sure if that's a good thing or not!!!

Ever had one of those days where you hate your alarm for going off too early? Where your nice, warm, cosy bed is where you want to be? Wondering what it would be like to be like a normal person and just lie in and relax at the weekend? That's exactly how I felt this morning...

Over breakfast I told Paul and Andy that I was too tired and would be taking the half marathon. My head wasn't in it and with an ultra in a few weeks it wasn't worth pushing...

So, Andy and I get to the start line (the marathon starts an hour earlier than the half but if you start the full you can take the half if you want to), in the drizzly rain, surrounded by midgies. Not the glorious sunshine I've grown accustomed to. My mood had not improved!!!

We started running and I quickly lost Andy as he ran up one of the hills. I was sticking strictly to a walk up run down strategy. 2 miles in and I heard my name being called out - it was Alex- a runner I've met at many events (her sister runs for Stevenage). We started talking... we never stopped!!!

The next 11 miles went by as we chatted and chatted. However, the rain started coming down heavily and I did get cold. At this stage I told Alex I would be taking the half. I got to the split, had a think, and decided that I was being stupid. Physically I was capable of it so it was all in the head. Mentally I've had a difficult week so thought I would be letting myself down if I took the easy option and needed to feel good about myself. So, I kept going!

The second half was harder for Alex as her knee was playing up and as she has her "A" event coming up it was more important to keep her fit for that. So, we chatted our way around and just enjoyed ourselves... in the rain!

Not far before the finish Alex pointed out that we could come in under 6.30. Then I think she wished she hadn't said that... as I pushed her to run and run to make that time!

I finished in 6.28.28. Not a pb for the course but that's not always what it's about...

I will let Andy and Paul add their comments!!!

Re: Salomon Trail Marathon Wales

Wow, what an event.
This year I was saved as Alex was in Michelle's race, they chatted all the way.
I ran 2:31:50 which I am very pleased about. 21 mins quicker than last year, me and Alex talked too much then. I felt a lot stronger than last year and managed to run most of the way, only single file uphills and the sting in the tail part walked.
I will be back again next year for the winter and then the summer half. I am hooked on this event, especially as it's on Saturday. So off to the pub for food and beer and Michelle drives us back.
Relaxing now.

Re: Salomon Trail Marathon Wales

Save for the rain (the sun eventually came out for the last mile), a great race in the hills of South Snowdonia. 26.4 miles with 1100m height gain.

Relatively happy with 5:47.34, given the lack of training! 23 minutes up on last year's Time.

Time for the local brewery's pub for food and beers, before a morning trip to a Forest roller coaster - we need to rest those legs.

Re: Salomon Trail Marathon Wales

Sounds fab - really well done all of you. Maybe one day I will venture as far as Wales...

Re: Salomon Trail Marathon Wales

You should. If you run with me it will fit in with your travel rules and we've always got a spare bed!

Re: Salomon Trail Marathon Wales

First I have to sort my life out a bit... Work in progress...